Pancragen for pancreas, 30capsules(pack)

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PANCRAGEN (peptide complex P (Lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, tryptophan)) is peptide medication for the pancreas. It is used to regulates metabolism in the tissues of the pancreas normalizes protein synthesis in the cells of the pancreas and carbohydrate metabolism. It increases tissue sensitivity to insulin and regulate blood glucose levels. Pancragen restores pancreatic cells.The use of medication increases the effectiveness of complex treatment of pancreatitis. Also Pancragen is recommended as part of the complex therapy of diabetes type II.


  • Treat Diabetes type II ( in complex therapy)                                                   

  • Cure pancreatitis ( in complex therapy)                           

  • Improve the functions of pancreas

  • Prevent negative effects on the pancreas of various toxic factors


100% Original Pancragen from Russian Federation

Produced by : NPCRIZ (Scientific-Production Center of Revitalization and Health)

Expiration date up to 05.2022


Main ingredient: peptide complex P (Lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, tryptophan).


Dosage for adults: 1–2 capsules 2 times/day while eating. Length of therapy: 20-30 days Repeated course of treatment in 4-6 months.


Keep out of reach of children

Caution: Consult your physician if taking medications or have a medical condition.


Please connect with us if you need more information about PANCRAGEN


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