Painkillers Medication

If you have not found the necessary medication or dosage in the catalog, you can write to us and our specialists will find the necessary dosage and medication from our suppliers. You will know the cost of the medicine and will be able to make a decision about its purchase. Please note that the name of the medication must be entered in Latin. We invite you to watch the video on YouTube channel about Khavinson peptides that will help you in case of various retinal diseases such as Macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic retinopathy. A unique method for restoration of retinal functions .


Various types of medications of category pain relief can help to control and relieve pain caused by injury or illness. Pain relievers are medicines that reduce or relieve headaches, sore muscles, arthritis, or other aches and pains. Pain relief pills are also known as analgesics. The major function of these drugs is to temporary shutdown the pain receptors in the central nervous system and also prevent chemical imbalance in the nervous system which causes swelling and pain in other parts of the body. Pain relief pills produce chemicals which control the blood flow in the nerve vessels of the nervous system to provide calmness. It also provokes sleep hormones in the nervous system to act in order to get physical rest for the complete treatment. 

There are many different pain medicines:

KATADOLON, 100 mg(cap), 30 capsules(pack) is an analgesic drug of Central action. It does not belong to the group of opioids, that is, non-addictive drug . The active substance flupirtin has analgesic, neuroprotective and muscle relaxant effect and very quickly removes a strong attack of pain and facilitates the General condition. Katadolon treats headache, toothache ,painful sensations caused by malignant tumors, pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, post-traumatic pain. Buy Katadolon on our website.

KETANOV, 10 mg(pill), 100 pills(pack) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with a pronounced analgesic effect.

It does not have a negative impact on the motor skills of the body and the work of the muscular system. This drug also doesn’t cause dependence and depression of the respiratory system. In addition it is used to relieve various pain syndromes , fever and overall inflammation. The main area of use is to impact on the pain centers of any type. Buy Ketanov on our website.

BACLOSAN, 25 mg(pill), 50 pills(pack) is a muscle relaxant with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It works by triggering specific receptors in the brain, thus blocking the nerve impulses that cause the muscles to spasm. Baclosan effectively relieves spasms and muscle pain. The drug helps people suffering from back diseases caused by infections, degenerative changes, tumors, injuries, which are accompanied by muscle spasms and pain syndrome. Baclosan is used to relieve spasms in stroke and intracranial head injuries, meningitis, cerebral palsy. Buy Baclosan on our website.

ZOREX (Dimercaprol (Unithiol) and Calcium Pantothenate) is a drug that helps to remove arsenic, some heavy metals and their compounds, ethanol and toxic products from the body. The drug effectively relieves intoxication, eliminates hangovers and significantly relieves the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. The main components of Zorex - Dimercaprol (Unithiol) and Calcium Pantothenate enters the blood flow and then to the liver and removes toxins and harmful substances through urine. Due to the rapid spread of the Zorex in the blood, there is an instant disintegration and elimination of all alcohol toxins. Buy Zorex on our website.

SUMATRIPTAN (sumatriptan (sumatriptan succinate)) is a medication with antimigraine activity. The main indication for use is to reduce the effects or intensity of migraine headache. The medication is used for relief of acute attacks of the disease and further stabilization of the condition. Sumatriptan is able to suppress migraine as an aura, and without it, and menstrual-associated forms. The drug should be prescribed only in cases of verified diagnosis. Buy Sumatriptan on our website.

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