Getropin, 10iu(vial), 100iu ready-to-use kit, 10 vials(pack)

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GETROPIN (Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone)) is an identical to the natural endogenous human growth hormone. It is used for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency (children's growth disorders, Turner syndrome, intrauterine growth restriction). Getropin increases muscle mass, eliminates cellulite on the skin and improves metabolism, stimulates the process of rejuvenation, enhances sexual function and immunity.


  • Increase bone mass                                                     

  • Encourage muscle growth and mass                                  

  • Trigger increased protein synthesis                                                     

  • Strengthen Bones and Joints  


100% Original Getropin from the Chinese Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co.

Expiration date up to 09.2022


Getropin is produced in the form of vials. The vial contains highly purified somatropin - 10IU

For intramuscular injection

Dose for muscle mass growth: up to 10IU/day.

Dose for lipolysis: 4-8IU/day.

Dose for bone and joint recovery: 2-5IU/day.


Keep out of reach of children

Caution: Consult your physician if taking medications or have a medical condition.


Please connect with us if you need more information about GETROPIN


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