Why athletes take Meldonium: the main reasons

Why athletes take Meldonium: the main reasons

Why athletes take Meldonium: the main reasons

Let's start with the fact that this drug has a structure similar to butyrobetaine synthesized in the body. This substance is necessary for the normal flow of energy metabolism, and is able to stimulate the nervous system. This is the answer to the question of why athletes take Meldonium.

This is primarily due to the ability of the drug to increase the endurance of athletes, as well as easier to tolerate psychological stress, which is inevitable with the participation of athletes in competitions. Here are the effects of the drug, because of which it was included in the doping:

1. In those moments when the body is exposed to strong physical and psychological stress, the use of Mildronate allows you to control the balance of incoming and outgoing oxygen. This effect is associated with the ability of the substance to accelerate metabolic reactions.

2. Under the influence of serious loads, the body quickly consumes energy reserves and with the help of Mildronate athletes are much easier to cope with them. This is due to the economical use of oxygen and the acceleration of energy recovery processes.

3. With the help of Meldonium, the processes of transmission of nerve signals are accelerated. This drug allows you to use the maximum efficiency of the human body and easier to tolerate psychological and physical stress. Scientists have found that the most clearly this ability Meldonium manifests itself during a set of muscle mass.

4. During the training, the concentration of fatty acids decreases with active energy consumption in  cellular structures. When using Meldonium, cells adapt quickly to new conditions, and this allows them to survive.

5. Meldonium has the ability to prepare the cellular structures of the nervous system for the upcoming psychological stress caused by participation in competitions. The athlete thus gets the opportunity to keep his mind light and retains the best physical shape.

6. With the help of Meldonium you can significantly increase the efficiency, which makes its use extremely effective in many areas of human activity.

7. By optimizing the consumption of glucose, Meldonium allows you to eliminate interruptions in the supply of energy to the brain and heart muscle, even with a low concentration of sugar in the bloodstream.


Mildronate is a strong stimulant for the human body and is able to improve thinking and memory, increase agility and increase resistance to negative environmental influences.


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