Why Polisorb is necessary in the journey?


No matter how you spend your journey: relaxing on the beach, bungee jumping or scuba diving, emptying showrooms and craft shops or collecting emotions from excursions - all of you, without exception, need a travel first aid kit!

Acclimatization, overheating in the sun, a cut or a bruise, indigestion, nausea, itching, Allergy to exotic food - these are the risks of any vacations, especially family with children.

Just take the can of Polisorb with you to the trip, only one drug is able to get rid of most health problems and in a few minutes to bring back to life the vacationer joy and happy emotions.

POLISORB from diarrhea

Diarrhea is the most popular problem vacationer. The cause of the disease can be anything: tap water, lack of enzymes needed to digest new food, E. coli living in the pool and warm sea, microbes in public places. This does not mean that you are unscrupulous, or the resort is low-grade. It's just that our immune system doesn't like dealing with new microorganisms . At the first sign of diarrhea take the sorbent Polisorb. It is a great helper in the fight against painful bacteria and toxins. It collects all the "dirt" on itself and is excreted in unchanged form.

POLISORB from poisoning

Poisoning on vacation-it's not tricky, because toxic microbes in a warm environment multiply exponentially. The main symptoms of poisoning are nausea, stomach pain, indigestion, or diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills.It does not matter where, how and what you are poisoned - it is important at the first symptom to open Polisorb, stir the powder in water and drink. Polisorb can provide a quick relief from symptoms of food poisoning and bacterial food poisoning. Polisorb is safe and harmless, it has practically no contraindications and side effects.

POLISORB from Allergy

Nowadays more and more people all over the world suffer from allergy. The risk of exacerbation of Allergy increases with climate change, when taking new food, with pollen of unfamiliar plants. Allergy is manifested by the following symptoms: rash and pruritus of the skin, persistent sneezing and a runny nose, red watery eyes, swelling of the throat and swelling of the face and fingers. . After the allergic drank Polisorb, it interacts with large molecules of allergens, neutralizes and binds them, so they do not "shit" in the body. Then the allergens are eliminated and the body is clean. That's why Polisorb is worth taking to the resort.

POLISORB from hangover

The hangover – a painful physiological and psychological condition in consequence of usage of alcoholic drinks, accompanied by headache, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The problem of hangover is related to the fact that the body gets toxic substances – products of ethanol decay, it is accompanied by release of toxins in the blood and deterioration of health. If you do not want to become a hostage of a sudden hangover, just prevent it with Polisorb .Polisorb eliminates the very cause of hangover, removes alcohol toxic breakdown products, removes alcohol intoxication in a short time and relieves hangovers and improves health.

Polisorb has a very long expiration date even after opening the package! Polisorb is not afraid of temperature changes. Polisorb is a universal preparation for the whole family during journey!


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