What is the difference between Semax 0.1 % and 1%? Blue or Red?


Semax is used in the treatment of various neurological disorders . Besides that, it can be used by healthy individuals to improve memory and attention and is widely used recreationally for its anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.

One of the main advantages of Semax is its safety. The drug is well-tolerated and does not cause serious side effects even if taken in excessive dosages.

Semax, as already known, is produced in the form of nasal drops. There are two types of Semax – 0.1% and Semax 1%. On our website www.rumedshop.com, you can choose Semax 0,1% and Semax 1%.What is the difference between these two types of means? Due to the different percentage concentration of the active substance in the composition of drugs, the indications for their use are also differ.

Indications for Semax 0.1 % are :

- Increase attention during repetitive and monotonous tasks;

- Improvement of adaptive capacity of the human organism in extreme conditions;

- Alleviating cognitive impairments caused by the cerebrovascular disorder, traumatic brain injuries and neurosurgery.

Indications for Semax 1 % are :

- Faster recovery after strokes;

- Alleviation of migraines;

- Transient ischemic attacks.

The concentration of the active ingredient is 10 times more than in Semax 0,1 %.

Possible side effect is irritation of the nasal mucosa and allergic reactions.

Please consult a doctor before use.


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