The concept of anxiety

Personal increased anxiety is an individual feature that causes constant anxiety, concern with banal life situations. An anxious person is afraid that he will be late for work and he will be scolded there, the child will get under the car, the beloved will fall out of love, at the doctor he will find an incurable disease. There is no reason for such anxiety but an anxious person will always find something to worry about without reason.

Where does constant anxiety come from? The main causes of anxiety:

  1. An insecure, anxious family atmosphere. Parents always something fear. The heightened anxiety has become the norm for their children.

  2. Stress was suffered in childhood. For example, the rejection of the mother, the child was in a hostile environment, not receiving protection from a loved one.

  3. Family authoritarianism, excessive demands. Such a child is often scolded, not praised, all his achievements are devalued.

  4. Constitutional feature, tendency to mental disorders, high emotionality and sensitivity

Difficult life circumstances, for example, war, disaster, physical violence.

Pros and cons

Increased anxiety has many disadvantages. An anxious  person can give up the opportunities that life gives. Such a person is indecisive, he is afraid to make a choice, doubts the correctness of his decisions and actions. Self-esteem also suffers, the increased level of anxiety does not allow to enter into cases, the outcome of which is not obvious. In psychology, it's called avoiding failure.

But the anxious state has a number of advantages. Such people are executive, scrupulous, they cope well with the duties assigned to them.

Is it possible to cope?

Anxious state decreases life resources and interferes with enjoying life. What can you do? You can try the following methods:


Anxiety, suspiciousness will not pass on their own. It's a personality trait, you take it in yourself. You need to learn to live with your own characteristics, improve the quality of communication with people, accept the joys of life.

Let go of control

The psychological feature of such people is the desire to control everything. "I need to make sure nothing happens." To be free from anxiety, you have to accept the fact that you can't keep everything under control. Start small. Do not control today as the husband got to work, do not check the ruble, weather conditions and the presence of the child's headdress. Trying to control everything is a fear for the future, it is necessary to recognize the limitations of their own forces.

Learn to relax

The concept of anxiety
It is very important to learn how to relieve stress. The relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, pleasant, soothing activities can help to decrease anxiety.

Sport and movement

Does anxiety start in the morning and doesn't end all day? Motor activity is recommended. It can be charging, bicycle, rollers, skates, skis.

Positive communication with yourself and others

Psychologists are advised to draw their fears and excitement. It is also useful to prescribe, pronounce your anxiety. Online forums help in this, but the audience should be positive and supportive. Aggressive users can only worsen the condition.

Turn off news programs

Anxiety in the soul can be due to the negative information field. Criminal Chronicles, revelations, dying and sick animals on social networks only increase the state of anxiety. It is necessary to surround yourself with positive films, programs, reduce communication with people who tend to dramatize the situation.


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