Teraligen - Features and Benefits

Teraligen - Features and Benefits

Anxiety and stress have become a constant companion in the daily life of any person, often having a painful, pathological form. Teraligen effectively and safely eliminates all manifestations of pathological anxiety and stress, vegetative disorders (headaches, irritability, insomnia, heartbeat, gastrointestinal dysfunction) allowing you to feel all the colors of life again.

When Teraligen is prescribed?

Teraligen is a medication from the group of antipsychotics (neuroleptics). The main active ingredient is alimemazine tartrate. The medication is well tolerated by patients and is prescribed for mild nervous and mental disorders.

Teraligen is often used to treat children, adolescents and the elderly due to the unlikely occurrence of undesirable side effects. Teraligen is used in neurological practice for the treatment of neuroses and neurotic states, psychosomatic disorders, and for getting rid of the symptoms of allergies due to its antihistamine properties.

Teraligen reduces the irritability of the nervous system and is used for the following conditions patients: senestopatii, hypochondria, phobia, asthenia, psychasthenia, anxiety and depression in diseases of somatic origin, sleep disorders.

Teraligen eliminates vegetative disorders quickly and effectively, as well as increases the patient's faith in treatment. The medication begins to act within 10-15 minutes after administration. Quick relief of the patient from anxiety and emotional disorders. The duration of Teraligen 6-8 hours, which fit to the optimal sleep duration of 6-8 hours, so in the morning, no drowsiness, apathy. Effective for allergic illnesses, itchy dermatoses (atopic dermatitis)


Benefits of Teraligen

·         Complex approach to the problem of vegetative disorders, anxiety, stress, insomnia

·         Teraligen is produced according to international production standards (GMP)

·         The beginning of the effect - in 15-20 minutes and it contributes to the rapid relief of all vegetative disorders.

·         Minimum side effects, and therefore successfully Teraligen is used in children from 7 years and in gerontological practice


Suggested Use

Teraligen should be taken orally 3-4 times a day independently before or after eating with a small amount of liquid. The duration of application and dosage regimen is determined by the attending physician on the basis of the clinical picture of the disease.

-Hypnotic effect for adults: starting dosage is 5-10 (mg) a day

-Anxiolytic effect: starting dosage is 60-80 (mg) a day.

-Antipsychotic effect: starting dosage is 200-400 (mg) a day.

-Sedative effect for children: starting dosage is 2.5-5 (mg) a day

-Symptomatic treatment of allergic reactions: starting dosage is 5-20 (mg) a day

-Anxiolytic effect: starting dosage is 20-40 (mg) a day

Thus, Teraligen is a mild antipsychotic drug that helps to overcome the difficulties that overtake a person during or after experiencing acute stress. It does not cause addiction and irreversible changes in the structures of the body, while facilitating the course of neurosis.



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