Signal Khavinson Peptides as Means to Increasing Longevity


 Peptide bioregulators  are the latest development of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of SZO RAMS and include 21 unique drugs. Their properties allow to maintain a normal level of metabolism, to carry out prevention and treatment of most diseases. The use of peptide bioregulators is indispensable for rehabilitation after severe operations, serious diseases and injuries. This is the latest generation of peptide bioregulators of natural origin. They are designed to effectively maintain a high quality of life and health. Peptides are the starting elements for the synthesis of new proteins in cells. Each group of peptides corresponds to only one section of DNA. Without peptides the normal operation of the cells is disturbed or even stopped because of that   an active aging and developing diseases start. The most unique effect of natural peptides is manifested in slowing down the aging process and prolonging the youth and beauty of the human body.

•          Peptide bioregulators develop its influence gradually, by a gradual accumulation in the body;

•          Provide long-term maintenance action.

•          Directed effect of peptides allows cells to first fill the deficit and then continue their life in normal mode.

•          The use of peptides is advisable in the case of an already developing disease: for long-term support of the body, to inhibit unwanted age-related changes, to facilitate the course of many diseases, for targeted elimination of the causes of diseases and pathological changes in cells of organs and tissues.

Peptide bioregulators will be useful for:

•          Elderly people, as it is very important for them to maintain a normal level of work of all internal organs.

•          People moving from one age group to another; this is especially important for women during menopause, when the hormonal system begins to malfunction in their work; it helps pass this period without much difficulty.

•          Active people who want to always look young and beautiful and seeking to extend their lives.

•          Athletes whose body is subjected to increased stress.

•          Those who prefer to prevent the disease than long and tedious to treat it. Using peptide bioregulators easier to maintain a normal level functioning of all organs.

•          Those who wish to be treated only by natural means, similar in structure to the human body.

Regular intake of peptide bioregulators help to restore lost health, but also to maintain it at a high level for a long time.                     


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