Selank is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety


Constantly accelerating pace of life requires us to high stress resistance. Selank allows you to successfully cope with increasing loads. It relieves nervous tension and fear. In the 80 of the last century academics N. F. Myasoedov and I. P. Ashmarin commissioned by the Ministry of defense began to develop a drug that can maintain calm and clarity of mind in a critical situation. They invented Selank. Selank regulates the nervous system naturally. It is included 7 natural amino acids. Now Selank helps millions of people in stressful situations to remain calm, to concentrate attention, to make the right decisions. Designed for the military, today Selank is available to anyone. It's time for Russian nootropic that you can find by visiting our website

Сourse Selank

Selank is one of the safest anxiolytic, its contraindications are pregnancy, lactation and individual intolerance, and side effects are rare, sometimes — irritation of the nasal mucosa. At the same time, no phenomena of intoxication or overdose were registered. So, Selank is nose drops! It is important to drip on the mucous part of the nose, and not into the nasopharynx as any means of a runny nose. Drip should be 10 days, 3 drops in each nostril, 2 times a day. You can repeat the course depending on the state.It is also often asked how much the effect remains after the course. So in the case of Selank, antianxiety or anxiolytic properties are preserved for several months, until six months after the course.


- Relieves stress, insomnia, fear and depression

- Does not cause retardation and drowsiness

- Improves concentration, memory and intelligence

- Acts naturally and safely, consists of natural amino acids


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