Polyoxidonium remedy for colds and flu

Polyoxidonium remedy for colds and flu

Autumn is the annual time of colds and flu . What medication is better to be used? Polyoxidonium helps to protect from acute respiratory disease. If the infection has already penetrated the body Polyoxidonium   accelerates recovery and make it as comfortable as possible.

POLYOXIDONIUM (azoximer bromide ) has a complex effect for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic infectious diseases of any etiology. The medication has a rare combination of pharmacological effects:


Polyoxidonium affects all factors of the immune system, providing a comprehensive response to the invasion of infection. The medication activates all the mechanisms of immunity. All processes take place according to the natural scenario of normal immune response, inherent nature.


The virus begins to multiply in the body causing the development of local inflammatory reactions (swelling of the nasal mucosa, sore throat, cough, etc.) and fever. Through the damaged epithelial barriers, the virus and tissue decay products penetrate into the bloodstream, causing intoxication, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, pain in muscles and joints.

Specific active groups of the molecule Azoximer bromide have the ability to block soluble toxic substances and particulates and remove them from the body. Due to this, Polyoxidonium is able to reduce intoxication and quickly improve health.


Polyoxidonium nourishes the body with antioxidants, reducing the inflammatory response. Why is it necessary? During his illness, a large number of free radicals. They behave unpredictably and destroy healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize the destructive effect of free radicals and restore damaged cells.

As preventive reception means Polyoxidonium helps to reduce the frequency of recurrent disease. The drug is well compatible with other drugs.



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