Noopept Help You Be More Productive and Motivated


It's time for another interesting nootropic drug that you can find these drug by visiting our website. To stimulate mental activity, scientists have specially developed nootropic drugs. They are able to protect our brain, improve memory and increase the ability to learn. One of the most popular drugs among nootropics is Noopept.  In 2002, RAMS proved that Noopept is 1000 times more effective than piracetam, at identical dosages.

 How does Noopept work?

 The drug Noopept double action. One of its functions is to improve memory. Acting like a "memory peptide" - a protein responsible for the quality of connections in the brain, it affects all three stages of memory: information storage, storage and reproduction. That is, it improves the functioning of the brain as a whole. And the second direction of action is to improve the blood supply to the brain, that is, the drug improves its nutrition and protects cells. It helps to reduce headaches, tachycardia, sleep disorders. Noopept "pumps" the brain in the departments associated with hormones, emotions and memory. And therefore is the drug with prolonged effect and the fact that you have already attained the knowledge that you will receive, they will not disappear after receiving the drug. This is a very serious assistant in the prevention of senile dementia and imbalance. Noopept enhances the action of acetylcholine on receptors and improvements in hormones, emotions and memory.      

Dosage, side effects, safety, how much to drink.

The drug is considered harmless, possible side effects are associated with individual characteristics of the body. Another positive feature of Noopept is that the drug is not addictive. After the end of the reception, you do not need to move to lower doses and carry out the abolition of somehow gradually: you can just stop taking, and then, if necessary, repeat the course of treatment. Side effects when taking the drug is very small. There may be allergic reactions to some individual components.The optimum period of reception of noopept for 2 months. Dosage = 30-40 mg / day, or 3-4 tablets (10 mg) per day. Since the drug is an amino acid and ester, it is advisable to take during or after a meal, preferably protein, because it will be easier for the gastrointestinal tract. After taking noopept make a break equal to the time you drank it. Then, if desired, repeat the course.                                  

What will be the effect?

Optimized" settings " of hormone production, which leads to better life. It improves learning, but again, only in training. Improves long-term memory and mood, due to neurotrophic growth factors in the relevant parts of the brain. In practice, this is seen as follows: before you read 30 pages per hour, books, now you will dive deeper into it and read 40-50 pages, learned 15 English words a day, now 20-25 at the same time.                                                                 


1. Noopeptis a working nootropic.

2. Effects: vital energy (but not stimulation) in the form of a good mood and desire for change, efficiency, easier to learn and remember (long-term memory).

3. It has a cumulative effect, will start to work "as it should" in 10-15 days.

4. Noopept should be taken 10 mg (1 tablet) 3 times a day, after a meal rich in protein. Course-2 months, then the same break.

5. Add Lecithin or DMAE to the course with a complex of b vitamins (B4 and B5 are especially important).

6. The most important thing is to learn, develop and gain new experience.


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