List and brief description of peptide preparations

List and brief description of peptide preparations

The use of peptides normalizes the biological processes of the body, improves overall health and quality of life, reduces the degree of symptoms and eliminates their causes.

List and brief description of peptide preparations.

Endoluten contains peptides of the epiphysis, regulates the neuroendocrine system, the brain; normalizes all cyclic processes of the body, helps to prevent the development of cancer in any form, harmonizes the synthesis and activity of hormones, normalizes the work of the Central nervous system, endocrine system and brain.

Glandocort for the adrenal glands, increases stress tolerance, regulates the synthesis and activity of hormones, normalizes metabolism, improves adaptive abilities of the organism.

Taxorest contains peptides of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, has a therapeutic and preventive effect on all the organs of the respiratory system, it is also used for rehabilitation after severe bronchopulmonary diseases, improves respiration, improves the condition of the bronchi and alveoli.

Ventfort for vessels, normalizes the state of the walls of blood vessels, helps to cleanse the vessels, improves blood circulation.

Vladonix contains peptides of thymus gland, strengthens the immune system, assists in the maturation and "education" of immune cells, increases the body's resistance to diseases and various negative factors.

Svetinorm for the liver,stimulates the restoration of liver cells and their functions, improves metabolism and many body processes, including digestion and blood formation.

Sigumir has natural peptides from cartilage tissues, contributes to the restoration of joints, improves the condition of cartilage, bone and periarticular muscles.

Visoluten for the eyes, strengthens the eye retina, reduces existing visual disturbances, improves metabolism in the eye tissues.

Pielotax contains peptides of renal parenchyma, improves the condition of the kidneys and their functionality.

Stamakort for gastric mucosa, promotes healing of erosions, improves digestion and metabolism.

Suprefort consists of peptides of the pancreas, improves digestion, normalizes the secretion of the necessary enzymes.

Thyreogen for thyroid, normalizes all metabolic processes, regulates weight, restores the correct synthesis of thyroid hormones and other functions.

Gotratix for muscle tissues, normalizes metabolism in muscles, promotes their strengthening and growth (used in sports, physical activity and weakened muscles), reduces the recovery time after heavy physical activity, increases the reserve capacity of the body.

Libidon consists of prostate peptides, improves the condition and function of the prostate gland, improves erection, solves many issues of the male reproductive system.

Zhenoluten consists of peptides of the ovaries and restores the cyclical processes of the female body, enhances fertility, eases menopause.

Chelohart includes peptides of the heart and provides it with full support, restores the condition of the heart tissues, improves blood circulation, normalizes the rhythm of the heart, helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

Testoluten regulates the functions of the testes, includes peptides of the same name, increases libido, improves potency, improves the quality and speed of sperm, improves reproductive abilities.

Chitomur solves a very sensitive issue with incontinence, contains peptides of the bladder, strengthens the walls of the bladder and its tone.


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