Cortexin restores the activity of the brain

Cortexin restores the activity of the brain

The man is his brain. All social and individual human activity is determined by the functioning of the brain; its optimal operation is one of the main tasks of the body. However, at various stages of life, the brain has to face obstacles and overcome them, whether it is professional or scientific activities, the consequences of disease, aging. Yes, even exams at the Institute can lead to overstrain and depletion of mental capabilities.

However, there are medications that can help the brain in its work. They are called neuroprotectors. Neuroprotectors protect neurons and help them to recover after intensive work, but also contribute to more effective brain activity. One of them is a medication called Cortexin. Cortexin helps in the treatment of brain lesions of various etiologies (due to injuries, infections, stroke), improves memory, attention and learning ability in patients of all ages, and is used in vegetative dystonia and epilepsy.


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