Cavinton forte

Cavinton forte

Cavinton forte in international medical terminology is Vinpocetin. It is a drug whose main characteristic is the effect on the nervous system.

The drug is part of a group of medications - psychostimulants that affect the cognitive functions of a person. Being nootropic, the drug is used for mental disorders, memory and attention impairment, and also for hyperactivity.

At the same time, the preparation improves blood circulation in the brain tissues, which contributes to its normal functioning. Thanks to the restoration of high-grade blood supply to all parts of the brain, there is an improvement in general condition (dizziness, headache) and activation of brain structures responsible for cognitive functions.                                                                  

The drug is widely used in neurology, cardiology, neurosurgery and other fields of medicine. In neurology Cavinton forte is used with a therapeutic direction for cerebrovascular pathology.

The drug is effective in restoring the local (cerebral) circulation, the violation of which was obtained as a result of changes in the blood supply of individual parts of the brain (stroke).

Indications for use Cavinton forte also include vertebrobasilar insufficiency, vascular dementia, atherosclerotic lesions of cerebral vessels, encephalopathy due to hypertension or trauma.In addition, Cavinton forte promotes regression of mental and neurological symptoms in vascular pathology of the brain.

In ophthalmology, indications for the use of Cavinton forte are represented by impaired blood supply to vascular genesis in the retina and choroid.

For the treatment of hearing loss of perceptual type of age origin, the drug is used to restore local blood circulation. In addition, the drug decreases the intensity of the manifestation of Ménière's disease and eliminates tinnitus.


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