Catch some facts about Semax

Catch some facts about Semax

Semax is a medication used for the prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders in Russia and is also used as a cognitive enhancer.

Do you know that Semax was created in Soviet times, when the science of the USSR was at the highest level. Already in 1983, scientists have brought together seven amino acids, which is available in your body, so our body does not notice the substitution. And as a result, we get a 100 percent result and no side effects.

Do you you know, that   Semax has the coolest way of getting into the body through the nose. The efficiency of this method is 70 % .

How does Semax affect the brain? The most important principle of the nervous system, the number of nerve cells can not grow but they can increase the number of connections with each other and thereby increase brain activity .Semax helps to increase the number of these connections and therefore helps everyone to remember large amounts of information.

In Russia, Semax is included in the list of essential drugs, which is understandable brain activity is vital to all. Already today, drugs that improve mental activity, take as well as vitamins. Semax penetrates into the brain which in turn takes only the necessary amount of the drug, the rest is broken down to absolutely no harmful natural amino acids.

And it is believed, as the drug was developed by order of the Ministry of defense of the USSR to improve the performance of healthy people in stressful situations and at high loads.

Semax can take healthy people . It was included in the first aid KIT of the Ministry of emergency situations. To drip three drops in my nose and what? What is wait for ? The drug is absorbed quickly and during four minutes later penetrates the brain which takes the required amount of Semax. It stays in the brain for 24 hours.But if necessary, you can drip and 2-3 times a day in this case, the effect will be higher. Semax overdose is impossible.

Uses of Semax:

·        Prevents Oxidative Damage

·        Improves Memory

·        May Improve Circulation

·        May Decrease the Negative Effects of Stress


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