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Phenotropil  is the Russian trade name for a new Piracetam-derivative that is also known as Phenylpiracetam.

This Racetam has earned a lot of interest and rave reviews so far, known for greatly increasing mental energy and giving you serious focus and concentration.

The IOC has banned this drug not because it is considered dangerous or illegal (it is neither), but because using it can improve both cognitive and physical performance.

Suggested Uses Of Phenotropil:

  • Individuals who should consider using this supplement includes students, athletes, and those interested in boosting their energy levels.
  • Anyone looking to stay alert and awake, whether this is needed for studying or being more productive at work could benefit from this supplement.
  • It can be used before a test in order to bolster focus and improve memory .
  • Athletes and bodybuilders can also reap a lot of benefits from this supplement. Not only can it be an effective pre-workout substance to help you train harder, but many have found it also helps with recovery. 


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