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Zorex is a drug that helps to remove arsenic, some heavy metals and their compounds, ethanol and toxic products from the body. The drug effectively relieves intoxication, eliminates hangovers and significantly relieves the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome.

The main components of Zorex - Dimercaprol (Unithiol) and Calcium Pantothenate enters the blood flow and then to the liver and removes toxins and harmful substances through urine. Due to the rapid spread of the Zorex in the blood, there is an instant disintegration and elimination of all alcohol toxins.

Therapeutic indications:

  • Alcohol abstinence syndrome (for the prevention and treatment of hangovers)

  • Chronic alcoholism (as part of complex therapy)

  • Acute and chronic poisoning by organic and inorganic compounds of arsenic, mercury, gold, chromium, cadmium, cobalt, copper, zinc, nickel, bismuth, antimony, intoxication with cardiac glycosides

  •  Improve your health in case of hangover, alcohol poisoning or its surrogates

  •  Clean the liver from harmful products of the metabolism of ethyl alcohol;

  •  Reduce the negative impact of alcohol on the body

  • Accelerate the regeneration (recovery) of damaged liver tissues

  • Relieve a person from nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms of intoxication

  • Facilitate the course of withdrawal syndrome and accelerate the exit from the binge

  • Increase the effectiveness of complex therapy of chronic alcoholism

  • Remove intoxication in case of poisoning with heavy metal salts and some other compounds


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