2018 FIFA world Cup: safety rules

2018 FIFA world Cup: safety rules

  Any major event attracts intruders, and the world Cup is no exception. For them it is a chance to profit with money and data of fans who want to get on the championship, to watch broadcast or in any way to join this action. We tell you what you need to pay attention not to get caught on their fishing rods.


1. If you are going to attend an event and are looking for tickets to matches, don't believe when you are offered them too cheap. Tickets for the championship are officially sold only on the FIFA website-and nowhere else. Over? So, not fate, and do not try to look for alternatives. If you see a ticket on sale elsewhere — know that something is wrong. Especially if it is sold at too attractive a price. Paying for a ticket to any third-party site, you are almost guaranteed to be left without money and without a ticket. Also remember that the tickets for the matches are nominal - at the entrance you will be asked for a passport, and if the data in the document does not match the data on the ticket, you will not be allowed to the stadium.

2. Do not buy products from spammers. On the eve of the championship in the mail falls a huge number of proposals to buy clothes with the symbols of the participants of the championship or any other things, one way or another related to it. At best, these goods are sold at inflated prices, at worst-they do not exist in nature, and the senders of letters are trying to breed you to leave a prepayment, and then disappear from the radar.

3. The championship has a lot of partners, and the scammers pretend to be one of them and try to make a free trip lottery to the championship or something else in honor of the upcoming event .

4. Do not go to questionable sites with cheap housing and air tickets . You can book an accommodation or a flight ticket only after you have made sure that it is really the original site, and not a phishing clone that tries to pretend to be the original and at the same time steal your data.

5. Watch broadcasts on the websites of official FIFA partners. Surely many will broadcast the championship, and just as surely some of the sites that do not have official rights to broadcast, will try to embed on the page web miner or something terrible.


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