If you have not found the necessary medication or dosage in the catalog, you can write to us and our specialists will find the necessary dosage and medication from our suppliers. You will know the cost of the medicine and will be able to make a decision about its purchase. Please note that the name of the medication must be entered in Latin. We invite you to watch the video on YouTube channel Rumedshop.com about Khavinson peptides that will help you in case of various retinal diseases such as Macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic retinopathy. A unique method for restoration of retinal functions .

ANTIVIRAL  MASKS - three-layer medical mask, disposable, on elastic earloops, from non-tapered materials. Effective filter provides a high degree of protection. Designed to minimize the spread of infectious agents, protect the respiratory tract from viruses, bacteria, aerosols and other small particles by filtering properties. Gentle hypoallergenic material does not make breathing difficult. The optimal shape of the air pocket provides a snug fit mask to the face. Soft earloops on a wide flat elastic band, securely fix the mask, and do not rub even with prolonged wear.
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