Mildronate (Meldonium, Quaterine, MET-88, Mildronats, THP)

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MILDRONATE (Meldonium, Quaterine, MET-88, Mildronats, THP) is a structural analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, a substance that is found in every cell of the human body. Mildronate improves metabolism.
In conditions of increased load Mildronate restores the balance between the delivery and the need for oxygen cells, eliminates the accumulation of toxic metabolic products in the cells, protecting them from damage; it also has a tonic effect. As a result of its application, the body acquires the ability to withstand the load and quickly restore energy reserves. Due to these properties, Mildronate is used to treat various disorders of the cardiovascular system, blood supply to the brain, as well as to improve physical and mental performance.
As a result of reducing the concentration of carnitine, gamma-butyrobetaine, which has vasodilating properties, is intensively synthesized. In acute ischemic myocardial damage Mildronate slows the formation of necrotic zone, shortens the rehabilitation period.
In heart failure, the drug increases myocardial contractility, increases exercise tolerance, reduces the frequency of angina attacks.
In acute and chronic ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation improves blood circulation in the ischemic focus, promotes redistribution of blood in favor of the ischemic area.
Effective in vascular and dystrophic pathology of the fundus.
Mildronate eliminates functional disorders of the nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholism in withdrawal syndrome.

Therapeutic Indications

• Coronary heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction), chronic heart failure as part of the complex therapy
• Acute and chronic cerebrovascular disorders (strokes and cerebrovascular insufficiency) as part of the complex therapy
• Reduced working capacity; physical stress, including the athletes
• Withdrawal syndrome in chronic alcoholism (in combination with specific therapy of alcoholism)
• Hemophthalmos, retinal hemorrhages of various etiologies
• Thrombosis of the Central retinal vein and its branches
• Retinopathy of various etiologies (diabetic, hypertensive)

Warranty & Expiration Date

100% Original MILDRONATE from the Latvian JSC Grindeks.
Expiration date up to 03.2024.

Suggested Use

In connection with the possibility of developing an exciting effect, the drug is recommended for use in the first half of the day.
In cardiovascular diseases as part of complex therapy, the drug is prescribed at a dose of 0.5-1 g/day in/(5-10 ml of solution for injection with a concentration of 500 mg/5 ml), the frequency of application 1-2 times / day. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks.
In violation of cerebral circulation in the acute phase of the drug is prescribed in / 500 mg 1 time/day for 10 days, then go to the reception of the drug inside (in the appropriate dosage form-0.5-1 g / day). The General course of therapy is 4-6 weeks.
In vascular pathology and dystrophic diseases of the retina, Mildronate is administered parabulbarno 0.5 ml solution for injection with a concentration of 500 mg / 5 ml for 10 days.
When mental and physical activity is prescribed in / in 500 mg 1 time / day. The course of treatment - 10-14 days. If necessary, repeat therapy after 2-3 weeks.
In chronic alcoholism, the drug is prescribed in / in 500 mg 2 times / day. The course of treatment - 7-10 days.


Hypersensitivity to Meldonium or any other component of the drug. Increased intracranial pressure (in violation of venous outflow, intracranial tumors). Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Under the age of 18 years (safety is not confirmed).

Side Effects

Rarely - allergic reactions (redness, rash, itching, swelling), as well as dyspepsia, tachycardia, changes in blood pressure, agitation. Rarely-tachycardia, changes in blood pressure.


Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.


Caution: Consult your physician if taking medications or have a medical condition. Patients with chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys should be careful with long-term use of the drug.

Customer Questions

Please connect with us if you need more information about MILDRONATE.


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