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If you have not found the necessary medication or dosage in the catalog, you can write to us and our specialists will find the necessary dosage and medication from our suppliers. You will know the cost of the medicine and will be able to make a decision about its purchase. Please note that the name of the medication must be entered in Latin. We invite you to watch the video on YouTube channel about Khavinson peptides that will help you in case of various retinal diseases such as Macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic retinopathy. A unique method for restoration of retinal functions .


We all know the "Men's Health" is one of the most important facts in life, as it makes a men very happy to have a nice sexual life .You can find men's health meds that solve major health problems men. Below is a list of top products to enhance erection. They stimulate sexual activity, increasing libido, improving erection and prolonging the act itself. Given the fact that the reasons for sexual impotence are many – age, chronic diseases, prolonged abstinence, tumors – treatment should be different every time. Medications for the correction of sexual dysfunction are available in various forms. These are tablets, creams, capsules, supplements, ampoules. The most popular medications are:

SEALEX FORTE PLUS, 12 capsules (pack) is a medication to improve the sexual functions of the men’s genitourinary system . It contains only natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the male body. Due to the organic composition, Sealex Forte Plus restores erectile function and enhances sexual capabilities of men without harm to health. Buy SEALEX FORTE PLUS on our website.

TESTOLUTEN male reproductive system, 60 capsules (pack) is a natural medication to support the male reproductive system that contains a complex of peptides. These peptides provide positive effect on the tissue of the male reproductive system, restore metabolic processes in cells, improve the functional activity of the reproductive system.

Testoluten is effective for various dysfunctions of the male reproductive system, including hypofunction of the testes, male infertility, lowering testosterone levels in the blood and other problems.

Also Testoluten increases sperm motility, improves erectile function, supports functional activity of the reproductive system as a whole. The medication can also be recommended for men of mature age during programs for rejuvenation of the body. It supports and revitalizes the sexual sphere of men, reduces the risk of disorders of male sexual function and provides significant support to the sexual sphere. Testoluten is 100% natural has no side effects. Buy TESTOLUTEN on our website.

YOHIMBINE HCL, Men's Happiness, 5 mg(pill), 50 pills(pack) is a natural alkaloid of plant origin that is used to increase potency. It is considered the strongest aphrodisiac. It is used to increase sexual arousal, treat erectile dysfunction , general sexual dysfunction in men and women. Yohimbine helps athletes to improve athletic performance, weight loss, reduce fatigue, normalize blood pressure. It is used to burn fat fast in "problem" areas, such as belly fat in men and buttocks and hips fat in women. Buy YOHIMBINE HCL on our website.

PROSTATILEN  (Prostate extract) is a medication that has a natural origin .It is used to treat diseases of the prostate gland. Prostatilen provides complex protective effect on the prostate. It helps to reduce leukocyte infiltration, stagnation of secret and swelling of the prostate gland, improves the processes of microcirculation and thrombocyte-vascular hemostasis, has a positive effect on the functional activity of sperm. Buy PROSTATILEN on our website.

Peptide complex TESTAGEN (complex C (lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycine)) is a biologically active food additive and contains a complex of amino acids. it has a positive effect on the functioning of the male testicles, by restoring their metabolic processes and improving the system of men reproduction . Testagen restores the functioning of the sexual system of men after the treatment of diseases caused by infections and inflammations, has a preventive effect on the impact of negative environmental factors (alcohol, Smoking, various vibrations and radiation) on the reproductive system. In the treatment of infertility in men Testagen increases its effectiveness. It improves the effectiveness of therapy for men's menopausal disorders and supports the functionality of the reproductive system age-related alternations. Buy TESTAGEN on our website.

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