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CEREBROLYSIN (cerebrolysin concentrate (complex of peptides obtained from the porcine brain) 215,2mg per 1 ml) is a nootropic drug that is a complex of peptides derived from the young animals. It is used for treatment of various neurological diseases such as senile dementia, Alzheimer’s, cerebral contusions, concussions and other forms of brain trauma. Cerebrolysin improves brain function, helps to recover from stroke and neurosurgical operations. The drug has neurotrophic effect on the nerve tissue. It stimulates metabolic processes . It activates protein synthesis and the movement of amino acids into neurons, it eliminates motor and sensory disorders, enhances memory and learning. Cerebrolysin also has protective functions, providing neuroprotective effect, it increases the resistance of cells to intoxication, hypoxia and other destructive effects.

Therapeutic Indications

  • Cure Chronic Cerebrovascular Pathology (Encephalopathy )
  • Treat Alzheimer's Disease
  • Eliminate of consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion, Post-Surgery on the Brain)
  • Cognitive Developmental Delays in Children
  • Treat Dementia Syndromes of Different Genesis
  • Cure Endogenous Depression Resistant to Antidepressants

Warranty & Expiration Date

100% Original CEREBROLYSIN from the Austrian Ever Pharma.
Expiration date up to 10.2023.

Suggested Use

Main Ingredient: cerebrolysin concentrate (complex of peptides obtained from the porcine brain) 215,2mg per 1 ml.

Excipients: sodium hydroxide, water for injections.

Cerebrolysin is produced in the form of an injection solution: intramuscular injection (5ml) or intravenous drip infusion (10ml).

The dose and duration of intake prescribed by the physician depending on the disease, condition and age of the patient. It is possible to administer a single dose of 50 ml , but more preferably, a course of treatment – daily injection for 10-20 days.

Acute conditions (ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain surgery complications): recommended dose is 10ml-50ml.

In the residual period of stroke and traumatic brain and spinal cord: recommended dose is 5ml-50ml.

Psychoorganic syndrome and depression: recommended dose is 5ml-30ml.

Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia and Alzheimer-combined vascular genesis: recommended dose is 5ml-30ml.

In neuro pediatric practice: recommended dose is 0.1-0.2 ml/kg body weight.


Contraindications for Cerebrolysin use include hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, Epilepsy and renal failure. It is l not recommended for use by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Side Effects

Hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, hyperthermia .


Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.


Caution: Consult your physician if taking medications or have a medical condition.

Customer Questions

Please connect with us if you need more information about CEREBROLYSIN.


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